Growing up I was lucky enough to visit some pretty special places, as my parents often liked to holiday in weird and wonderful locations. Catching the ‘travel bug’ at an early age definitely inspired me to want to see more of the world, particularly locations which are somewhat off the beaten track.

It’s not just the presence of the sun which makes travelling good for the soul. Trying new foods and taking photographs, meeting strangers who become friends, seeing sights you never knew existed and experiencing things you’ll never do again…whilst its scary, being out of your comfort zone often means you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This blog will be used as a travel diary (so I can look back at my trips overseas and remember the good times!) but also so any of you who are thinking of packing your bags and heading off somewhere may pick up hints or tips to help plan your adventure.

If you’ve visited any of the places listed here and have suggestions for accommodation/activities/restaurants/anything I’ve not included, please leave a comment to help out other readers and me…

Finally, the ‘Just Wondering’ page will be used to share any articles/photos/stuff I find online that might interest you!

Welcome, and happy travels :] Beth x



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